Chapel Every Week

Every week all students assemble in the school gym for a weekly chapel service.  This service is planned as a children’s service and helps the students learn various forms of liturgy and songs used in regular worship services.  Classes contribute to the Chapel services with the singing of a choral anthem. Parents and friends are invited to attend as often as possible.

Special Chapels

Each year we have several special Chapel services. We have a 2nd Grade Bible Presentation Chapel, Pastor Appreciation Chapel, Veterans’ Day Chapel, Very Important Person (V.I.P) Day Chapel and others depending on the year. 

Chapel Offerings

Chapel Offerings are brought weekly by the students and teachers and staff.  These gifts of money, food, clothing and/or other non-perishable items are given to a project (church, missionary, relief agency, homeless shelter, etc.) as selected and designated by the faculty and/or students.

Trinity Pride

At the end of many Chapel Services we present Trinity Pride Awards to students. The purpose of Trinity Pride is to recognize students for their school accomplishments. EVERY student will be recognized by their classroom teacher once during  the academic year.  When a student receives Trinity Pride they will be given a certificate, a Valentino’s High Five, and a special Trinity surprise gift!