Our Mission

Connecting People to Christ in His Word and Love

How We Achieve Our Mission

At Trinity, we believe the most important thing we can teach your child about is Jesus’ love for them. Lutheran Schools, like Trinity Lutheran School, provide an environment where faith is fostered each and every day. At Trinity Lutheran School, students are taught to view the world through a Christian lens that guides them to share Jesus’ love with those around them and live according to Biblical ideals. Students, teachers, and families speak freely about Christ at our school and are encouraged to share the Gospel.

We Partner with Your Family

The community of students, teachers, and families at Trinity Lutheran School feels like family. We take pride in relationships not just with students but with their entire family. At Trinity we have the unique opportunity to embrace each student and their family as individuals, and to provide the personal attention, encouragement, and problem-solving you and your child deserve. We may have the titles of principal, teacher, or coach but our passion is to be strong Christian role models and to partner with families in shaping their children through the love of God.

We Prepare Youth for Success

Students perform better academically when they are comfortable in their environment and feel they belong. Smaller class sizes, weekly chapel services, and applying Biblical teaching and guidance to difficult situations are all part of how we provide a high quality, Christ-centered education. While each class is different and has its own curriculum, on average, Trinity Lutheran School students perform at or above benchmark in both district average and national norms on annual assessments (Grades 1-5). Our students also perform well on readiness assessments (Toddlers – Kindergarten).

Families who pick Trinity Lutheran School find their children have many opportunities to excel academically, personally, and spiritually. Trinity Lutheran School keeps a leading edge in academics by annually evaluating curriculum, resources, and educational experiences, as well as developing new ways to incorporate technology in classrooms. Teachers truly care and do everything they can to make sure students are well-prepared to succeed in their education and in life.

We Provide Quality Education

Trinity Lutheran School has been in the ministry of teaching God’s children for over 135 years! Trinity Lutheran School is recognized as an Approved School through the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE). In addition, Trinity is recognized as a nationally accredited school through National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA) and the office of School Ministry of the LCMS.

“Trinity provides the reliability a family needs when it comes to bring available five days a week when a working parent needs childcare. The institution is kept accountable by accreditation boards and by licensure to ensure that your child is safe and that the institution is providing quality care. But, what makes Trinity Lutheran School truly stand out, is that well-trained, well-education individuals are providing a loving, relationship-oriented, educational, and Christian experience for your child. Its central location is ideal for families coming from all areas of Lincoln, and provides a diverse student and family population.”

“Our child is growing socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and most importantly, SPIRITUALLY, as an Early Childhood Education student of Trinity Lutheran School.”

Christopher and Molly Cassiday