Welcome to Mrs. Heun’s 5th Grade!

Students in 5th Grade will learn about the following topics:

  • Art – Various activities will be used to teach the history and appreciation of art, and to improve skills in the areas of drawing, painting, prints, and crafts
  • Christian Religion –  Study God and His Word, Law, Gospel, Confession, Repentance, Forgiveness, and Grace.  Finally, a history of the Reformation is studied, and how we can witness our faith for life
  • Computer – Students will attend the courses twice weekly and will learn keyboard and basic computer skills
  • Handwriting – Cursive handwriting in most subject areas with emphasis on neatness, correct letter formation, and legibility
  • Language Arts – Reading, comprehension, good study skills, improving vocabulary, phonics, grammar, and composition
  • Math – Review/Learn: Place Value; Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions, decimals, and whole numbers; Number theory and fractions; Probability and Statistics; Geometry; Customary and Metric Measurement; Area, volume, and perimeter; Ratios, proportions, and percentages; Algebra Concepts
  • Memory Work –  Daily prayers, Bible passages, hymns, Luther’s Small Catechism, musical and chapel presentations
  • Music – Sing at Chapel, Worship Services, and other functions. Attend music twice a week, and will have the opportunity to sing a variety of songs including religious, patriotic, folk, and multicultural songs.
  • Physical Education – Learn/review exercises and stretches as well as games. Sports such as volleyball, basketball, baseball/softball, soccer, and track will be taught
  • Science – Astronomy, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, and Engineering
  • Social Studies – Students will learn map and globe skills, review the location of states and their capitals, and study other countries of the Western Hemisphere in addition to learning United States history and geography

2020-2021 Syllabus

2020-2021 Summer Letter