Welcome to Mrs. Hamann’s 3rd Grade Class!

Students in Mrs. Hamann’s 3rd Grade Class will learn about the following topics:

  • Art – Learning the meaning and appreciation of art, and to improve skills in the areas of drawing, painting, prints, sculpture, and crafts
  • Christian Religion –  Grow in Christian maturity, witness openly, make life application as students reflect and respond to lessons
  • Computer – Students will attend the courses twice weekly and will learn keyboard and basic computer skills
  • Handwriting – Use cursive throughout the entire school year. Students will review all lower and upper case letters with emphasis of neatness, correct formation, and legibility
  • Language Arts – Write simple sentences using correct capitalization and punctuation, Identify different parts of speech, Use standard English, Increase writing skills
  • Math – Review and learn concepts of place value and money, statistics and probability, algebra readiness, timed multiplication and division
  • Memory Work –  Learn Bible passages, chapel songs, prayers, and selections from the six chief parts of the Christian doctrine as taken from Luther’s doctrine as taken from Luther’s Small Catechism.
  • Music – Sing at Chapel, Worship Services, and other functions. Attend music twice a week, and will have the opportunity to sing a variety of songs including religious, patriotic, folk, and multicultural songs
  • Physical Education – Emphasis is placed on cardiovascular strength, physical coordination, learning special games and activities, and exhibiting Christian sportsmanship and conduct
  • Reading and Phonics   Decoding and phonics, reading and following directions, vocabulary building, sequencing, finding the main idea, language skills, location and correction of grammatical errors
  • Science – Study Living Things, Earth and Its Resources, and Weather and Space
  • Social Studies – Study natural resources, transportation, citizenship, holidays, current events, and geography

2020-2021 Syllabus

2020-2021 Summer Letter