Our Philosophy

We view our responsibilities in caring for your child as A Sacred Task

We believe that our primary duty is to bring children to Christ.  We believe children should grow and learn in the Word of God.  We value each child as a unique creation of God, encouraging individuality and promoting self-esteem.

We believe it is our privilege to guide the cognitive, emotional, physical, social and spiritual development of each child while they learn, relax, and play in our care.  Our program meets the needs of the whole child.

We believe that teachers are to guide the children in learning by giving them opportunities to explore and experiment in the world that God has given to us.

We believe that children learn best through play.  Children are given the opportunity to explore and experiment the world around them through their own play.  Teachers are engaged in meaningful play and developmentally appropriate activities with the children.  We value play experiences as an avenue for learning.

We believe children learn best in an environment of enthusiasm, love, and security where they can develop intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

We believe that parents play the primary role in their child’s learning and development.  We partner with parents and families and provide parent resources, support, and encouragement. We strive to reach out to families in Christian love.

Our teachers and staff are committed to excellence in Early Education.

We respect each child regardless of race, creed, need, or ethnic origin.