We have amazing families, faculty and staff! Wonderful people from all different background and with all different experiences.

The Meyer Family

We Are YOU…we are the Meyer Family.

Why did we choose Lutheran Schools of Lincoln? Because, we want our children to be effective disciples of Christ, and have a well formed Christian faith and understanding.

Early on we knew that we wanted to make Lutheran Education a priority for our children. We also knew that making Christian education a priority would be a sacrifice financially. Over the years we have seen God provide for our family not only to help us be financially able to keep our kids in Lutheran Schools over the last 9 years, but to complete the adoption of our youngest son from China. Teachers and friends from Trinity Lutheran School and Lincoln Lutheran have been a wonderful prayer and support system as we walked forward in faith to be able to adopt internationally. Our oldest daughter remembers classmates telling her, “We pray for your little brother every day.”

Just as we sat down to write this I remembered a photo and memory from Natalie’s last day of Kindergarten in May of 2014. Enjoying popsicles with her classmates after closing Chapel service. In the van on the way home Natalie kept loudly singing “Go, My Children with my blessing”…it’s really the “In my loves baptismal river, I have made you mine forever” part that makes me smile to hear her belt out in the back of the van.

In reflecting, we smile as we look back knowing in hindsight that the act of faith in choosing Lutheran School is making a positive difference in our children’s faith formation. That’s why #WeAreYou!

The Stegg’s Family

We are YOU … we are the Steggs family

Why did our family choose Trinity Lutheran School? Simple, Trinity feels like home.

My husband and I both grew up in small towns in the Nebraska Panhandle. Both our schools and classes were small; so small that most of the children I started Preschool with I graduated high school with 13 years later. Several of those friendships that started in Preschool I still have to this day and the same with my husband. It was an experience we definitely wanted our children to have. However, being in a much larger town, we didn’t think it would be a possibility. When we started to look for a Preschool for our first daughter we were lost. We had no idea where to even begin. We had both heard good things about Lincoln Lutheran and Trinity, plus it was close to our home at the time. However, we were not Lutheran. We had no home church and really did not practice any specific religion. We did not know if that would be problematic for a parochial school, but we figured it couldn’t hurt to take a tour.

As soon as we walked into Trinity for the first time, I immediately loved it! I loved how small it was. I loved the children’s art work displayed proudly outside of each classroom. I loved how each teacher seemed to know each student by name and that they interacted with each other in the hallway as they passed. I loved how each student had a smile on their face and truly seemed happy that they were at school. It instantly felt like my small school that I grew up in. Trinity felt like home. By the end of the tour, we knew we had already made the decision of sending our daughter to Trinity. However; at the time, we had no intention of staying past her Pre-Kindergarten year. We figured that we would send our children to public school when they became Kindergarteners.

Fast forward five years and another daughter, and we are still at Trinity. Our oldest is in the second grade and our youngest is in Pre-Kindergarten. Both of them are excelling academically, socially and spiritually. They love their teachers and you can see how much their teachers love them. They have made wonderful friends and I believe that some of those friendships will last throughout their future school years and hopefully beyond. I think that is what brings our family’s story about finding Trinity full circle, feelings of home. Not only our children have made friendships through Trinity, our whole family has made friendships that will last throughout our lives. Interestingly enough, several people that my husband and I went to school with 20 years ago in the Panhandle, now live in Lincoln and send their children to Trinity.

For our family Trinity doesn’t just feel like home, it is our home.


The Fiddler Family

We are YOU … we are the Fiddler family

Why did we choose Lutheran schools? We could answer that question with any combination of factors that make our family’s experiences so positive: Christian leadership, religious studies, community belonging, fellowship, common values, academic excellence, growing in faith, music programs, and so on. While true, those answers fall short of describing exactly why we committed to this. We prayed about it, we felt called to choose Lutheran education, and we took a leap of faith. 9 years later, we are so grateful for that answered prayer and we know our kids are exactly where they are supposed to be. Every time they pray with their team before a game, we know. When they sing along to the radio because it’s a song they learned in chapel, we know. When they explain the solar system as part of God’s creation, we know. When they respond to adversity with grace and understanding, we know. Attending a Christian school is so much more than religion classes and chapel. We know that Jesus is an intentional part of their every day.

Our kids have been immersed in faith, surrounded by educators who know Jesus and classmates who pray for them. This was never more apparent to us than when our family faced a major medical diagnosis several years ago. Our oldest was a first grader at Trinity Lutheran School when we discovered he has type 1 diabetes. During the whirlwind that followed, our school was a source of steadfast love and support. The reaction from administration, teachers, classmates and families was overwhelming. It’s emotional to remember how they all pulled together to pray for us and to take action to get our son back in class. At a time when we were feeling very lost, God surrounded us with people to help us find our way through. That is exactly what Lutheran education does for our kids now and will continue to do in the future. When they feel lost in the world, they have faith and friends to help navigate the storm.

Raising a family today is hard and our household is in a busy season of life. We make lots of mistakes in parenting, scheduling, and prioritizing. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder if we are totally messing everything up, but being part of this community gives us hope and shines a light on our purpose as parents. Knowing our kids are surrounded by believers and shown God’s love and mercy every day is the best choice we could have made. Praise God for Lutheran Schools!

Mr. Jesse Soenksen

We are YOU…Mr. Jesse Soensken.

Every morning Mr. Jesse Soensken comes into the school ready for a new adventure. He never knows what will be waiting for him. Will it be a day full of pouring concrete, moving buildings, fixing lockers, or sometimes playing gaga ball with the Pre-Kindergarten class? Every day is something different and exciting.

Mr. Jesse Soensken began his adventure in with the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln over twenty-five years ago, when he was a student at Trinity Lutheran School. After Trinity Lutheran School, he went on to attend Lincoln Lutheran and then to eventually return to Trinity Lutheran School, as the Property Manager.

Lutheran education has always been an important part of Jesse’s life. When asked about the impact of Lutheran Education in his life Jesse said, “It helps to grow your faith in a loving and supportive environment where you can learn about Jesus and share your love of Him with others. I have made life-long relationships with many people through my experiences with Lutheran Education.”

Everyday Jesse finds new and unique ways to bring the love of Jesus and his Christian background to what he does. He always has a smile on his face, even when there is an unusual challenge in front of him. He takes time to show God’s love to the children every single day. Mr. Jesse, as he is called, has built a water balloon launcher and a cross that now stands in the hallway for all the children to see. He also doesn’t turn down a game of soccer or gaga ball with our students if he has time to play. He embraces the love and care to be bold and courageous in Christian love.


Mrs. Jennifer Obrist

Trinity Lutheran School‘s Bumblebee Toddler Teacher, Jennifer Obrist, is our latest teacher spotlight.

Jennifer is currently serving in her 20th year at Trinity. Four years ago, she became the head teacher of the youngest students at Trinity (18 months – 2-year-old toddlers). Jennifer is a member of Trinity Lutheran Church and is an alum of Lincoln Lutheran.

Jennifer is a caring and loving teacher that shows the love of Jesus with these young children in all that she does. She loves to help students express their creative side through painting and experiencing the world around them.

Jennifer says, “The best part of my job is being able to see the children that I care for learn and grow” She also said that one of the best parts of Lutheran Education is being able to show and share faith and the love of Jesus with students daily.

Thank you, Jennifer, for your outstanding service to the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln.

Mrs. Margeaux Maul

Trinity Lutheran School‘s Butterfly Toddler Room Teacher, Mrs. Margeaux Maul, is our latest teacher spotlight.

Margeaux is currently serving in her 5th year at Trinity. Two years ago, she stepped into a head teaching role and has been a wonderful addition to our teaching staff. She is in her 2nd year as the Head Butterfly Toddler Teacher. Margeaux has been a lifelong member of Trinity Lutheran Church and is an alum of Trinity Lutheran School and Lincoln Lutheran. She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and enjoys doing this in her spare time.

Margeaux is an energetic, caring, and wonderful teacher! She loves and enjoys working with the children every day. Margeaux and her husband, Grant, have two children, Koston is in 6th grade at Lincoln Lutheran and Ruby is in Pre-Kindergarten at Trinity.

Trinity Lutheran School is very blessed to have Margeaux as part of our ministry team!

Miss Candace Jurchen

The Lutheran Schools of Lincoln Teacher Spotlight from Trinity Lutheran School for January is Miss Candace Jurchen.

Miss Jurchen grew up in Lutheran Schools in Minnesota. She received her Bachelor’s in Education from Concordia University, Nebraska in Seward, NE and has taught 2nd Grade and Music since 2002. She has also served at a Lutheran school in South Dakota.

She constantly strives to encourage the students of Trinity and bring joy to education. She is always finding new and exciting ways to incorporate music and song and her love for Jesus into the classroom. Trinty has earned the repuation as “The Singing School,” a testament to Miss Jurchen’s dedication to sharing the gift of music with her students. Miss Jurchen is often found doing additional activities outside of the classroom including helping direct drama club, playing the organ for Trinity Lutheran Church, teaching Vacation Bible School among others.

In October 2018 she was recognized as the Golden Apple Award Recipient of the Month for Excellence in Education from 10/11 News and Doane University.

God has blessed us with Miss Jurchen and we congratulate her on being recognized in the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln Teacher Spotlight!

Mrs. Melissa Green

The Lutheran Schools of Lincoln Teacher Spotlight from Trinity Lutheran School for the month of August is Mrs. Melissa Green.

Melissa is currently serving in her 10th year at Trinity as the Early Childhood Director, as well as Extended School Day and Summer Camp Director.

Melissa has been a lifelong member of Redeemer Lutheran Church, is an alum of both Trinity and Lincoln Lutheran, and she holds a Master’s Degree from Concordia University – Nebraska. Melissa was a standout volleyball player at Lincoln Lutheran and went on to play college volleyball at Iowa Western and Black Hills State University.

Melissa and her husband, Ja’Thi have two children, Jayla and Jaiden, who both attend Trinity.

Trinity is blessed to have Melissa as a part of our ministry team at Trinity!

When asked about her experience and the importance of Lutheran Education, Melissa said “Working at Trinity is one of the biggest blessings in my life. As an alumnus, an employee, and now as a parent of Trinity I have been fortunate to be able to experience the close ‘family-like’ feel of this school. I love my co-workers, the families, and especially the wonderful children at Trinity. I have a passion for working with young children and their families, and God has blessed me to be able to do it every day in a loving Christian environment. Lutheran education will always be an incredibly important part of my life and a priority for me and my family.”