Trinity Lutheran School wants to provide fun and engaging activities for our families. While we are not physically in the building at this time, we are still able to come together and do fun activities from our homes. #TLCSFamily #LincolnTrinityPride #HisWordandLove #TLSAtHome

Below please find some fun activities that you can do at home.

Origami Birds

Liquid Fireworks

Making 3-D Pictures

Fun with Fractals

Making Kites

Candy and Pop Explosions

Pascal’s Triangle

Making Paper Airplanes

Crayon Art

Playing Hare and Hound

Making Water Bugs

Making Parabolic Curves

Minute to Win It – Cup Stacking

Painting with Shaving Cream

Mr. Kumm shows children how to make paper butterflies. 

Mr. Kumm shows students how to build their own cotton ball shooters. 

Mr. Kumm show families how to play the “SKUNK” Game