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Alumni Story – Ian Kollipara

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My name is Ian Kollipara. I am a Trinity Lutheran School and a Lincoln Lutheran alum. After I graduated from LL I’ve been attending Concordia University, Nebraska. I’m a double major in Elementary Education with an Infotech and LTD along with Computer Science and a minor in math. I plan to pursue a career in Lutheran School teaching, preferably with Kindergarten. My favorite LL memory was my Junior Year Band Tour, it was a great last trip with my close senior friends. My favorite Trinity memory is more a conglomeration than a specific one. Trinity has always felt like a second home to me, and it facilitated who I became and who I’m still friends with. I met my best friend at Trinity, granted we became friends after we left, but it was because of Trinity we even knew each other. #TLSAlum #TLCSFamily #LincolnTrinityPride #HisWordandLove

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