Welcome to Ms. Burgess’ 1st Grade Class!

Students in Ms. Burgess’ 1st Grade Class will learn about the following topics:

  • Art – Explore color, line, form, shape, texture, and patterns using a variety of media
  • Christian Religion – Study the Old Testament and learn that God loved, forgave, and saved us through His Son, Jesus
  • Computer – Students will attend the courses twice weekly and will learn basic computer skills
  • Handwriting – Learn to write legibly, using appropriate size, shape and spacing
  • Language Arts – Write simple sentences using correct capitalization and punctuation, Identify different parts of speech, Use standard English, Increase writing skills
  • Math – Addition and Subtraction, Counting by 2’s, 5’s & 10s, Understanding concept of zero, Time, Fractions, Graphing, Measuring
  • Music – Attend music twice a week, and will have the opportunity to sing a variety of songs including religious, patriotic, folk, and multicultural songs
  • Physical Education – Learn cooperation and sportsmanship through games, Work on basic coordination skills: running, skipping, jumping rope, and ball skills including dribbling, throwing catching and kicking
  • Reading and Phonics  Identifying and knowing letter sounds, Read and pronounce vowel diphthongs, Read books accurately and fluently at a First Grade reading level, Reading Comprehension
  • Science – Matter, Stages of human body, Observing trees, Sunlight water and soil, Animals and habitats, Bodies and nutrition, Insects
  • Social Studies – Learn about our community, country and world, learn about country’s history and holidays, learn about community works and transportation, learn map and globe skills
  • Spelling – Spell basic sight words at a First Grade level

2020-2021 1st Grade Syllabus

2020-2021 Summer Letter