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Please watch out for a spam message that looks like it is coming from Pastor Wing. The email that is being sent out appears in your inbox and it says it is from “Pastor Dan Wing” The email address that is used is office865445@gmail.com. This is NOT Pastor Wing’s email address.

Pastor Wing’s email address is pastorwing@trinityoflincoln.org and emails from Pastor Wing will say they come from “Pastor”.

The scam email says
“May the Lord Almighty be with you, Do you have a moment I have a request I need you to handle discreetly. I am busy with some prayer sessions, no calls so just reply to my email.i will be glad if you reply to this email as soon as it gets to you.”

Please note that this sender does not use proper capitalization or punctuation. This is a huge sign that this is a scam.

Please do NOT respond to this email. If you happen to respond to this email, they will likely ask for money or a gift card. Please do not provide any money, gift cards, or any personal information to this sender. This is a scam for the sender to get as much money as they can.

Here is a link https://heimdalsecurity.com/blog/top-online-scams/ to learn more about online scams that are taking place right now and how to avoid them. We want to make sure that you can protect yourself from scams.

If you have received an email like this or a scam phone call you can report it to the Nebraska Attorney General at this link – https://protectthegoodlife.nebraska.gov/report-scam.

If you have any questions about emails being legitimate, please feel free to contact the church office or email Kara Danforth at kdanforth@trinityoflincoln.org.

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