We Love the Arts

Trinity Lutheran School is known as the “Singing School.” Music Education, Drama Club, and art projects are all staples of the educational experience at Trinity.

Two Choirs

Our Early Childhood Students participate in the God’s Little Love Bug Choir and the Kindergarten through 5th Grade Students participate in the Trinity Singers Choir. The choirs sing at different chapel services throughout the school year, at church services at Trinity Lutheran Church and at our annual Christmas Program, Spring Musical and at other special events.

Drama Club

Trinity’s Acts From Above Drama Program offers students in 5th Grade the opportunity to develop their acting skills through a variety of experiences. We have an annual Christmas programSpring Musical and Plays, and lead at least one Chapel service during the school year. Through these activities the Acts from Above members learn and practice leadership skills as they have the responsibility of guiding the performances of younger students who are also involved in the productions.  In addition, they learn about character development and the importance of teamwork in creating enjoyable performances.


Students in 5th Grade are eligible to participate in band.  Practices are approximately 30-40 minutes per session at Lincoln Lutheran Middle & Senior High School.  A Lincoln Lutheran faculty member is the band instructor.  Fifth graders meet at least three times a week for band.

Art Projects

The students at Trinity Lutheran School make beautiful works of art each year. Art is a great way for students to express themselves. The hallways are lined with the works of art that the students complete in each of the classrooms.