Technology at TLS

Trinity teachers are constantly learning new and exciting ways to incorporate technology into our classrooms.  With the newest addition of projectors and docu-cams, we have been given great opportunities!  Some ways we utilize these tools are:

  • Modeling correct handwriting, especially with cursive writing
  • Reading a book in class so that all children can always see the illustrations
  • Teaching steps to solve mathematical equations
  • Proofreading and editing in writing class
  • Showing students examples of artwork for them to recreate or see specific artistic techniques
  • Learning about Bible history through archaeological evidence/artistic representation (example:  the Temple in Jerusalem)
  • Using docu-cams to help present workbook and textbook content in a way so children can see where our focus is on a page or assignment and to demonstrate activities or experiments, especially small-scale activities that would otherwise be hard for all children to observe at the same time
  • Making use of our various textbook publishers’ online resources for children
  • Providing online content to children via the projectors including topical instructional videos, math games and problems of the day, activity timers, and classroom magazines

We continue to strive for quality instructional opportunities as we incorporate technology more and more in our day-to-day activities.  Prior to instruction, teachers take time to research websites to provide the best and most appropriate resources for our children.

Technology with iPads 

All of our classrooms are blessed to have at least one iPad and an Apple TV. Our iPads are used in many different ways. They can help us teach a lesson. They can read a book to a child. They can help us learn about the weather outside. Children are able to create a song or a masterpiece of art. Children can learn about letters, letter sounds, rhyming, etc. Children can learn basic writing skills. Our students are able to learn about math.  The iPads have been a great extension to helping us teach in the classroom.

Technology Lab

Trinity School provides Kindergarten – 5th grade students with a fully equipped computer lab updated to the latest computer technology.  Each student works on an Apple Mini-Mac computer with a flat screen monitor.  A new projector and screen allow connection to computers, video players and CD players for presentations and sharing.  A new sound system has been installed with speakers around the lab.  Students save work by connecting to the building server.

Computer curriculum is designed to enhance and extend lessons taught in the classroom and help students become familiar and comfortable with computer operations.  Students learn basic keyboarding skills and learn to use the latest version of Microsoft Office as a productivity tool to complete work for their classrooms.  Under supervision, Trinity students learn to use the internet productively and safely.


5th Grade students are able to start learning how to do basic coding to use robots. Watch the video of them using the robots below: