Welcome to Mrs. Amber’s Pre-Kindergarten Class!

The purpose of Trinity’s Pre-Kindergarten program is to educate the whole child and provide for the student’s spiritual, moral, social, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth.

Students in Mrs. Amber’s Pre-Kindergarten will learn about the following topics:

  • EMOTIONAL – expresses emotions purposely; has confidence; is interested in and easily participates in routine activities; learns about emotions; makes believe about situations; makes believe with objects; monitors emotions; shows independence; stands up for rights; takes pretend roles
  • FINE MOTOR – builds with blocks; colors; cuts with scissors; designs/draws; digs; has eye/finger/hand coordination; finger-paints; glue/tapes; holds pencil/crayon; paints with a brush; develops handwriting skills; makes prints; puts puzzles together; traces
  • GROSS MOTOR – uses general body movements; bounces ball; catches; crawls; hops; jumps; kicks; marches; has
    rhythm, runs; scoots; skips; slithers; squats; climbs up and down; balances; throws; tosses
  • LANGUAGE ARTS – articulates sounds; listens; participates in group discussion; responds with personal data; develops picture vocabulary; rhymes; sings; expresses social speech; vocalizes
  • MATH – add; count; read graphs; match; recognize money; has concept of more/less/same; comprehends numerals; recognizes numerals; knows numerals in sequence; knows one-to-one correspondence; knows ordinal position; patterns; sorting; estimation; height; length; measuring tools; recognizes shapes
  • MUSIC – singing; finger plays; rhythm; musical instruments; participating in worship services
  • PROBLEM SOLVING – applies information to a new situation; arranges in a series; is aware of cause/effect relationship; compares and contrasts; is creative/imaginative; finds more than one solution to a problem; observes and makes discoveries; is persistent with task; recalls sequence of story events; shows curiosity and desire to learn; sorts; uses planning to problem solve
  • READING – uses auditory discrimination; composes stories to go with picture; recognizes letters; responds to and experiences books; recognizes visual discrimination (upper/lowercase letters); writes for a purpose
  • SCIENCE – animal names; animal homes; amphibians; birds; fish; insects; pets; reptiles; eggs; life cycles; foods from nature; seeds; tastes (senses); plants; people; habitats; foods; light; magnets; sound; water; air; planets; rocks; sky; sun; moon stars; weather
  • SOCIAL STUDIES – accepts responsibility for the classroom; demonstrates suitable interaction with peers and adults; build things; builds friendships; communicates; recognizes community helpers; expresses feelings; identifies family members; follow directions; helps others in need; is able to separate from parents; is sensitive to others feelings; shares; respects the rights of others; identifies types of transportation; understands behaviors (acceptable and unacceptable); compromises and discusses to resolve conflict; cooperates with others to finish a task

Pre-K Syllabus 2019-2020

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Pre-Kindergarten Class Schedule