Family Testimonial 1 – Christopher and Molly Cassiday

We are so indebted to Trinity Lutheran School. Our child has been a student at Trinity from the moment she turned 18 months old, through present day (PreSchool), and we have submitted our early registration for Prekindergarten for the 2018-2019 year! While we had had a positive experience in an in-home daycare prior to her 18-month birthday, she blossomed by leaps and bounds in very short order after beginning at Trinity.

Trinity provides the reliability a family needs when it comes to being available five days a week when a working parent needs childcare. The institution is kept accountable by accreditation boards and by licensure to ensure that your child is safe and that the institution is providing quality care. But, what makes Trinity Lutheran Shcool truly stand out, is that well-trained, well-educated individuals are providing a loving, relationship-oriented, educational, and Christian experience for your child. Its central location is ideal for families coming from all areas of Lincoln, and provides a diverse student and family population.

Our child is growing socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and most importantly, SPIRITUALLY, as an Early Childhood Education student of Trinity Lutheran School.


Family Testimonial 2 – Bill and Pam Miller

We have enjoyed having our kids at Trinity since 2007. The music program has always made our hearts swell, to hear our kids sing with their whole hearts about Jesus is so beautiful. We are very thankful to have our children in a loving environment where they can lean on God and trust Him in all things, growing in His word and maturing their faith.


Family Testimonial 3 – Mark and Leanna Meyer

Trinity has been like extended family!  The Christian Village that has come alongside us in training our daughters to be life-long followers of Christ.


Family Testimonial 4 –  Craig and Heidi Patak

My husband and I would like to submit a tutorial on Trinity Lutheran School.  Our son McCartney goes to TLS and attends their ECE program in the butterfly room with Miss Margeaux.  He absolutely loves it there at Trinity!  He was in other early child development programs prior to being offered a spot there at Trinity and he seems to like it best right where he’s at now.  We are so pleased with his response to being there and the great staff and wonderful program they have for him.  We look forward to our daughter, Carmen joining McCartney there at Trinity this summer when the summer camp session begins!!  How exciting for them and a great feeling for us to know our kids are so well looked after by all the terrific people that make up the staff there at Trinity Lutheran School.  We couldn’t be more happy about it and want to extend our thanks to all of those who are there each day for the kids!

Thank you so much!  Your efforts go a long way.


Family Testimonial 5 – Gary and Ann Miller

It’s wonderful to believe that every day when I drop my daughter off it is in a family type of atmosphere and safe environment.  I wouldn’t trade our experience at Trinity Lutheran School for any other.