Welcome to Ms. Cassie’s Bumblebee Toddler Class

The purpose of Trinity’s Toddler program is to nurture the whole child with God’s love and provide the child with spiritual, social, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth at developmentally appropriate stages for the individual.

Students in Mrs Jennifer Bumblebee Toddler Class will learn about the following topics:

  • Creative Arts  learns about colors, music, movement, and drama
  • EMOTIONAL and SOCIAL – learning to form relationships with other adults, making friends with peers, interacting with other children, solving problems by expressing feelings and seeking adults help, regulating own emotions/feelings, beginning to learn manners
  • FINE MOTOR SKILLS – builds with blocks, colors, digs, has eye/finger/hand coordination, finger paints, glues, holds large crayon, finger paints, glues, holds large crayon; paints with brush, use of spoon and fork
  • GROSS MOTOR SKILLS  – uses general body movements, holds balls, catches, walks, crawls, hops, jumps, kicks, marches, runs, scoots, slithers, squats, climbs, tosses, and rolls
  • HEALTH – learns to dress for weather, washes hands, going potty, healthy eating
  • LANGUAGE/ LITERACY SKILLS – Comprehends simple language, follows simple directions of one or two more steps, using language to express thoughts and needs, names familiar people, animals and objects, engages in simple conversation with others, interested in books, demonstrates interest in writing skills, sings familiar songs
  • MATH – verbally counts some numbers, follows simple position directions such as in, on, up, beginning to understand shapes
  • COGNITIVE SKILLS – interested in working on task for short periods of time, persistent in an activity until successful, shows curiosity and motivation to learn, recognizes and looks for familiar persons, places, and objects when named, matches similar objects, engages in dramatic play by imitating others and using real objects as props.

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