One Big Family

At Trinity Lutheran School, we are one big family. Our students know each other well and have many opportunities to spend time together. When you walk through the halls of Trinity, you will often hear 5th Graders talking to our Toddlers and calling them by name. We are so blessed to have a school that is small enough where this can take place. Trinity provides an environment where families are welcome to join us and we know them by first name. Our parents and grandparents are known to become so close that they build life-long friendships.

Chapel Buddies

We have weekly chapel services where student buddies sit together and worship together. Our buddies also spend time together for other activities and learn about each other. In the past, buddies have prepared care packages for the Lincoln Police Department and Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. Older buddies also spend time reading to their younger buddies and playing with them.

Family Activities

Trinity Lutheran School is a family and we enjoy having parents and grandparents come and be a part of the family while providing many different opportunities to get involved. The role of the family is so important and we believe that family participation in school actives offer positive, unique experiences with children and professionals in a safe, fun Christian setting. Some opportunities for family involvement include:

  • Weekly Chapel Services
  • Back-to-School Night
  • Eating Lunch with Students
  • Christmas Programs
  • Very Important Person (VIP) Day
  • Spring Musical
  • Field Trip Chaperones
  • Classroom Helpers
  • Veteran’s Appreciation Day
  • Pastor Appreciation Day
  • Pastries with Parents
  • Act as a Volunteer
  • Parent Teacher League (PTL) Events including: Tiger Tailgate, Sweetheart Dance, and other family nights
  • Other Classroom and School Activities