Gifting to Serve is a capital campaign of Trinity Lutheran Church, School and ECE. With God’s blessings our goal is that we will be able to raise $1,000,000 over a three-year period. We are excited about not just the overall goals the campaign, but the specific goals and projects identified for Trinity Lutheran Church.

Church-Focused Goals and Projects for the campaign (no particular order):

#1 Repair the Trinity Lutheran Church Tower

#2 Mission Support – 10% of all gifts directed to LCMS district, nation, and international missions

#3 Repayment of Internal Debt 

#4 Church Window Replacement

#5 Additional Church Repairs: repair sidewalk concrete, landscaping, walkways, roof leaks, repair parking lot cracks, re-stripe parking lot, and organ tune-up, remodel parish hall storage closet

#6 Exterior Security Lighting

#7 Replace Church Van and Pickup  

#8 Ground Enhancements – Installation of sprinkler and irrigation system

We are encouraging all of our members to pray about what God is asking them to give to support this emphasis – and then to act in faith as they commit to those gifts.  We are not suggesting a specific amount of money that members must give. Before deciding on an amount to give, however, please reflect on the love Jesus has demonstrated to each of us:

† the love that freely gives heaven to you and your loved ones.

† the love that freely adopts you into God’s family.

Then, in response to that love we encourage you to consider a GIFTING TO SERVE gift decision to Trinity Lutheran Church.

Options for Giving:

  1. Matching Gift: For those who are financially able, would you pray and consider doubling your existing annual giving for each of the next three years?
  2. Percentage In Giving Gift: For those who have been financially blessed, would you pray and consider increasing the percent you are currently giving to our church? If you are giving 5% currently, please consider increasing your giving by one, two or three percent for each of the next three years striving to reach the 10% benchmark.
  3. Extraordinary Opportunity Gift: For those who have been financially blessed, would you pray and consider making a gift of $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more over the next three years? Consider whether this is a good time to give an appreciated asset.

Whatever your decision, please make your promise out of love for our Savior.  Be assured that your promise card will be handled confidentially.  Even if you cannot make a promise gift at this time, please sign the card, indicating your prayerful support.  Please pray to know God’s direction and say “yes” to that bidding.  We thank you for your faithful support of and investment in God’s ministry through the GIFTING TO SERVE emphasis!

Serving Jesus with you,

Pastor Meyer                 Kristen & Ryan Hassebrook            Krista & Jerry Welch

Stewardship Emphasis Coordinators

To learn more about Gifting to Serve please see the links below: