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Outreach of the Month: Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Education

Trinity Lutheran’s Early Childhood program serves children ages 18 months to 5 years. The first five years of a child’s life are the most crucial in almost every aspect of their development. Our mission is to guide all children through the Word of God. We strive to make every child feel secure, important, and safe. Our purpose is to help children develop in the areas of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development. Our staff guides students physically through hands-on experience, and we promote learning emotionally through recognition of a child’s own feelings and those of others.  We work to develop the child intellectually through activities that stimulate thought, and we place a special emphasis on incorporating lessons in a Christian environment where God’s grace and love is both taught and practiced. Our staff and teachers believe it is our duty to bring Christ to the children while also providing an environment where children can learn and grow alongside their peers. Our vision is to be an Outward Expression of God’s Love to our neighbors.
Of students enrolled in Trinity’s ECE program only 12% attend Trinity Lutheran Church. 20% list no church affiliating, meaning our ECE could be one of the first times they are hearing about how much Jesus loves them!
  • Praise for a wonderful school year
  • Prayers of thanks for our families, teachers, and staff
  • Prayers of continued growth of Trinity Lutheran School as a whole

Give: Monetary donations are greatly appreciated and can be given through the Outreach envelope.

Serve: There are many ways to be involved with our Early Childhood program. We certainly welcome continued prayers for our program. We also have events throughout the year such as Bowling Bonanza and our Christmas fundraiser. Be on the lookout for event announcements and dates throughout the year.