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What is Forward?

We help to supplement Food, Wipes, Diapers for families who need a hand-up.

When is Forward pick-up available?

Mondays (except Federal Holidays) – 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Where is Forward?

  • White House at Trinity Lutheran Church (733 S. 13th Street, Lincoln, NE 68508) – Downtown Lincoln
  • 402-474-0606

Who do we want to partner with?

  • Families who need assistance supplementing their supply of consumables for their children.
  • Referral Organizations that have relationships where they care for, love, and show concern for families that may need assistance.
  • Donor Partners including individuals, organizations, or corporations that want to care for the youngest in our community.

What do partners need to know about Forward?


  • We desire to help individuals know that they made the right choice for life! We want to build relationships and provide a hand-up to help supplement and offset the cost of monthly consumables such as baby food, baby wipes, and diapers.
  • Forward is a program of love. We will not inquire about financial circumstances or judge our families.
  • We will provide a punch card for a monthly allotment of consumables for the families who participate in Forward.

Referral Partners

  • We want to partner with Referral Organizations to assist families to care for their children’s needs. We would like our Referral Organizations to consider us a “go-to” resource for the families they serve.

Donor Partners

  • Donor Partners are essential to helping families move forward. Donor Partners are those who seek to care for families and their little ones in our community.
  • Our Donor Partners will help to provide goods including baby food (formula/baby cereal/baby food), wipes, and diapers (various sizes). Donors may also provide financial donations. We view our donors as partnering with Trinity Lutheran Church in “Loving our Neighborhood”.
  • All consumable donations must be in original packaging and unopened. Items that are expired will not be received. 

Why should partners be part of Forward?


  • Sometimes families just need a hand-up. Monthly finances might be tight and it might be difficult to afford the necessary items for children.
  • Forward is a program to help make this a little easier when these struggles take place.

Referral Organizations

  • Forward is an additional resource. We want to assist your clients when they need it.

Donor Partners

  • Donor Partners are essential to helping families move Forward. Donor Partners recognize the need to help others.

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