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Helping Refugees in Our Community – Update

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Dear Friends at Trinity,

We are blessed to welcome two (2) special groups to Trinity’s growing family. Here are the backgrounds on them and the needs that they have at this point. I just met them this week, so I’ll know more as the weeks progress. If you’re interested in helping in any way from a bag of rice or beans to a grocery run to a plant to brighten up the home to color books and crayons… The opportunities are endless.

  1. ) Nurya (nur-ee-ya) from Eritrea, her neighbor Zinash (zin-osh) and her 2 little girls from Ethiopia
    1. Will attend church Sunday and Wednesday (LOVE to sing)
    2. VERY limited English, have been here for 1 year
    3. not drivers so dependent for transportation
    4. apartments are on 25th/S (ish)
    5. Nurya speaks Tigrinya – learn some with me!? so we can speak to hear
    6. Loves Jesus, knows God is the only way she can survive what she has
    7. No family in the U.S.
    8. Needs right now from Nurya:
      1. gloves/hats/scarf/boots
      2. grocery
      3. gift card
      4. prayers
      5. handshakes/friendliness when she comes to church  (greet her by name!)
      6. little girls – color books, children’s books, puzzles (dollar store!)
      7. maybe clothes (I’ll find out)
      8. the LOVED the finger puppets in
      9. the children’s sacks!

2. Melissa Martinez – Family from El Salvador

Melissa (mom-27)

  • clothes size Lg
  • likes pink
  • size 7 shoe

Andrea (daughter – age 9)

  • likes ponies and purple, color books and markers/colors/paints
  • clothes size medium? (I am guessing 14-16)

Roberto (son – age 8)

  • size 10/12 clothes
  • size 2 shoes
  • likes cares and tracks to drive them on
  • likes red

I don’t think they have any toys

Delmira (Melissa’s mom)

  • Clothes size xxl

Roberto (Melissa’s Dad)

  • clothes size lg

Vanessa (Melissa’s Sister – 23)

  • size 8 shoe
  • likes purple
  • clothes size large

All of them need winter clothes. The children have coats, but I saw that they aren’t very warm. I’ll be bringing over items to their new house during the week with the goal to have them moved in by Thursday if possible. I’m looking for a few people to help me clean the house a bit to get it smelling niceer in there. Then, I’d love help bringing items over as well, since we have such wonderful donations!! Thanks to ALL of you.


Things we need ASAP:

  • microwave (their oven door doesn’t close!!)
  • toys (they have none that I know of)
  • maybe 100 & 300 piece fun puzzles? (something they call all do together)
  • board games?
  • art stuff for Andrea
  • maybe a few pretty plants to make it homey?!
  • new pillows – 1 or 2 yet
  • groceries (dry beans, rice, cereal, Ensure, etc. I have a list)

Please respond to me at if you are willing to pitch in in any capacity. Melissa wants the family to come to supper and church THIS Wednesday night. I can’t bring them because I’d committed to Nurya first. Is anyone willing to get them? There are 6!! Melissa is in a wheelchair, but it folds up and I put it in the back of my van. Her dad lifts her into the vehicle. Hopefully someone can help me!

This is going to be an incredible journey!


NOTE FROM MELISSA – “The support you all give makes us strong and brave to go ahead.” Thank you for being the hands that catch us.” Melissa








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